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Geochemical behavior of heavy metals in a Zn?Pb?Cumining area in the State of Mexico (central Mexico)

Lizárraga M Mendiola, Liliana Guadalupe


Lizárraga, L. González, M.R. Durán, M. Márquez, C.


The geochemical behavior of zinc, lead and copper from sulfidic tailings in a mine site with potential to generate acidic drainage (pyrite (55%) and sphalerite (2%)) is reported in this paper. The mining area is divided in two zones, considering the topographic location of samplingpoints with respect to the tailings pile: (a) outerzone, out of the probable influence of acid minedrainage (AMD) pollution, and (b) inner zone,probably influenced by AMD pollution. Maximumtotal ions concentrations (mg/L) measuredin superficial waters found were, in the outer zone:As (0.2), Cd (0.9), Fe (19), Mn (39), Pb (5.02),SO2? 4 (4650), Zn (107.67), and in the inner zoneare As (0.1), Cd (0.2), Fe (88), Mn (13), Pb (6),SO2? 4 (4,880), Zn (46). The presence of these ionsthat exceeding the permissible maximum limits forhuman consume, could be associated to tailingsmineralogy and acid leachates generated in tailingspile.

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