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Efficiency of Galvanized Steel Embedded in Concrete Previously Contaminated with 2, 3 and 4% of NaCl

Olguín C Coca, Francisco Javier


Baltazat, M.A.,Maldonado, E., Santiago, G., Olguín F.J. Ortíz, A. Barrios,C.P. Nuñez, R.E., Zambrano, P. Gaona, C., Almereya, F.


The results are reported from the evaluation of corrosion rate of galvanized steel embedded in concrete specimens contaminated with different concentrations of NaCl and exposed to a simulated marine environment for a period of 320 days to compare their efficiency with steel-1018 used worldwide. The mixture was designed according to the standard ACI 211.1 considering a resistance of 250kg/cm at 28 days. Was evaluated the potential corrosion (ASTM C 876-99 standard) and corrosion rate with the electrochemical technique of linear polarization resistance (LPR). The results show a significant protection against the corrosion of galvanized steel bars after 138 days of exposure when is embedded in an uncontaminated concrete. Was observed that in contaminated concretes the performance of galvanized as protection against corrosion is not efficient; is only a viable option to increase the service life of concrete structures with their respective limitations.

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