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Measurement of aberrations of a solid elastic lens using a point-diffractioninterferometer

Rueda Soriano, Esteban


Agustin Santiago-Alvarado;Sergio Vázquez-Montiel;Fermín-Salomón Granados-Agustín;Jorge González-García;Esteban Rueda-Soriano;Manuel Campos-García,"Measurement of aberrations of a solid elastic lens using a point-diffractioninterferometer", Optical Engineering, Vol. 49(12), December 2010


There has been a considerable recent increase in the use of variable focal length lenses (VFLLs), especially as microlenses in photographic objectives, endoscopes, microscope objectives, etc. One distinguishing feature of these VFLLs is the presence of a mechanism whereby the shape of the lens and its geometrical parameters can be changed. A new type of variable focal length lens is introduced made from elastic material. It is placed inside a mechanical mount where radial forces can be applied to its perimeter. We also present the optomechanical design and the measurement of wavefront aberrations to the third and fifth order of a solid elastic lens (SEL). A point-diffraction interferometer is used as a wavefront sensor to test changes of the lens. Geometrical changes in the lens produce changes in the aberrations. Finally, the aberrations found in the SEL (without any application of stress) are compared with aberrations obtained by means of numerical ray trace. Some experimental results are also shown.

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