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Two-dimensional Kinematics of the Edge-on Spiral Galaxy ESO 379-006

Gabbasov -, Ruslan


Rosado, M.; Gabbasov, R. F.; Repetto, P.; Fuentes-Carrera, I.; Amram, P.; Martos, M.; Hernandez, O. Two-dimensional Kinematics of the Edge-on Spiral Galaxy ESO 379-006 (2013) AJ....145..135R


We present a kinematical study of the nearly edge-on galaxy ESO 379-006 that shows the existence of extraplanar ionized gas. With Fabry-Perot spectroscopy at H?, we study the kinematics of ESO 379-006 using velocity maps and position-velocity diagrams parallel to the major and to the minor axis of the galaxy. We build the rotation curve of the disk and discuss the role of projection effects due to the fact of viewing this galaxy nearly edge-on. The twisting of the isovelocities in the radial velocity field of the disk of ESO 379-006 as well as the kinematical asymmetries found in some position-velocity diagrams parallel to the minor axis of the galaxy suggest the existence of deviations to circular motions in the disk that can be modeled and explained with the inclusion of a radial inflow probably generated by a bar or by spiral arms. We succeeded in detecting extraplanar diffuse ionized gas in this galaxy. At the same time, from the analysis of position-velocity diagrams, we found some evidence that the extraplanar gas could lag in rotation velocity with respect to the midplane rotation.

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