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An Artificial Intelligence Based Model for Algebra Education

Alonso Lavernia, María de los Ángeles


María de los A. Alonso, Argelio V. de la Cruz Rivera, Grettel Barceló, An Artificial Intelligence Based Model for Algebra Education, ncm, pp.1492-1498, 2009 Fifth International Joint Conference on INC, IMS and IDC, 2009. IEEE Computer Society's Conference Publishing Services (CPS). Page(s): 1492 - 1498. ISBN: 978-0-7695-3769-6.


Given the variety of operations that can be performedwith monomials and polynomials, learning Algebra requiresconstant student training. Therefore, numerous solutionshave been offered to resolve this problem, some with manypossibilities for introducing content, others with an emphasis onpractice, but very few with a follow-up of student activities. Inthe latter cases some statistical information of their interactionwith the system is offered.This paper presents a comprehensive educational model forteaching Algebra, which includes, in addition to an educationalsystem with wide opportunities for interaction with the student,a mechanism for generating dynamic exercises and a method ofadaptive training based on records of student performance. Thesethree features, with the possibility of emulating human behaviorfrom knowledge-based systems, make this model an intelligentconsulting tool for learning this subject.

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