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Dental Caries Experience and Factors among Preschoolers in Southeastern Mexico: A Brief Communication

Medina Solís, Carlo Eduardo


Medina- Solis Carlo Eduardo. Dental Caries Experience and Factors among Preschoolers in Southeastern Mexico: A Brief Communication, Journal of Public Health Dentistry, 2006 66(2): 88-91


Objective: To examine the association between dental caries prevalence and selected variables in preschool children. Methods: A cross-sectional study was carried out with 1,303 preschoolers (ages 3-6 years old), and the mothers completed questionnaires. The children were examined by one of three standardized dental examiners. Logistic regression was performed to identify associations between dental caries and other factors. Results: Mean dmft was 1.54+2.47, with 44.1% of children having dmft>0. Caries prevalence was associated with older children (OR=1.39); medium (OR=1.66) and low (OR=2.41) socioeconomic levels; mediocre (OR=1.71) and inadequate (OR=2.25) hygiene; negative attitude toward oral health (OR=1.51); and the presence of enamel defects (OR= 1.74). Conclusion: Both overall caries prevalence and dmft index were relatively low. The results of this study substantiate previous reports in the international literature for clinical, behavior, socio-demographic, and socio-economic variables that contribute to dental caries in Mexican children.

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