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Prevalence of and Risk Indicators for Chronic Periodontitis in Males from Campeche, Mexico

Medina Solís, Carlo Eduardo


Medina- Solis Carlo Eduardo. Prevalence of and Risk Indicators for Chronic Periodontitis in Males from Campeche, Mexico. Rev Sal Pub. 200 9(3): 388-393


Objective Determining the prevalence, severity and extension of chronic periodontitis and identifying risk indicators amongst policemen in Campeche, Mexico, using an electron probe. Materials and Methods A cross-sectional study of a convenience sample of 161 men was conducted. A case of periodontitis was defined as a participant having clinical attachment loss in at least one ? 4 mm site. Every periodontal site in the mouth was measured by a standardized periodontist using a Florida Probe System. STATA 8.2 was used for bivariate and multivariate statistical analysis, using logistic binary regression. Results Mean age was 38.36+-10.99 years. 23,622 periodontal sites were available for examination. Mean (SD) teeth and sites examined per person were 24.45+-4.63 and 146.72+-27.80, respectively. Periodontitis prevalence was 62.7%. Periodontitis severity was 2.9 mm and extent was 53.7%. Adjusted for alcohol intake, factors associated with periodontitis prevalence were being older (>=35 years; OR=2.08; CI95%=1.05-4.10), smoking (current/former; OR=2.22; CI95%=1.06-4.77) and gingivitis (presence; OR=3.35; CI95%=1.34-8.42). Conclusions Many study participants had poor periodontal conditions, with substantial overall prevalence of periodontitis. Older age, tobacco use and the presence of gingivitis were factors associated with periodontitis prevalence.

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