Producción Científica Profesorado

Contractibility and the clique graph operator

Villarroel Flores, Rafael


F. Larrión, M.A. Pizaña, R. Villarroel-Flores. Contractibility and the Clique Graph Operator Discrete Mathematics 308 (2008) 3461-3469.


To any graph G we can associate a simplicial complex ?(G) whose simplices are the complete subgraphs of G, and thus we say that G is contractible whenever ?(G) is so. We study the relationship between contractibility and K-nullity of G, where G is called K-null if some iterated clique graph of G is trivial. We show that there are contractible graphs which are not K-null, and that any graph whose clique graph is a cone is contractible.

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