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Phytoremediation: an Alternative to Eliminate Pollution

Prieto García, Francisco


Delgadillo López, A.E., González Ramírez, C.A., Prieto García, F., Villagómez Ibarra, J.R. y Acevedo Sandoval, O., 2011. Phytoremediation: an Alternative to Eliminate Pollution. Tropical and Subtropical Agroecosystems, 14, 597-612, ISSN 1870-0462.


Phytoremediation consists of a set of technologies that exploit the ability of some plants to absorb, accumulate, metabolize, volatilize or stabilize pollutants that are present in soil, air, water or sediments such as: heavy metals, radioactive metals, organic compounds, and compounds derived from petroleum. Phytoremediation offers numerous advantages in relation to the physicochemical methods that are used nowadays, for example, its wide applicability and low cost. This review provides an overview of the various phytocorrective techniques employed for remediation of polluted soil and water; as well as the potencial that offers the use of transgenic plants.

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