Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo –UAEH- (Autonomous University of Hidalgo) is one of the best universities in Mexico. As a public institution, it has a commitment with its social milieu and with the human family of a global society. For us, quality education is a human right and a public asset which belongs to every person.
Why should you study at UAEH? Here we share with you two characteristics which encourage women and men to join our Community:

I. - Governability

  • We have the experience: UAEH is the oldest university in the State of Hidalgo with a tradition that goes back 151 years, and with 59 years as an autonomous university.
  • We know our job: UAEH is an institution characterized by reliable authorities who promote planned work, development, innovation, and continuous improvement.
  • We are interested in your professional development: UAEH has an excellent reputation as a strong institution because of its stability, peace, and tolerance.
  • We are neutral and impartial: UAEH respects all opinions and political trends, however, it is apolitical.
  • We watch out for your future: Our governmental authorities favor the rule of law, academic responsibility and scientific excellence.


 II. – Quality & Academic Excellence

  • We start out serving as an example: Our University has researchers dedicated to academic excellence with international projection.
  • We want the best for you: 100% of the academic undergraduate programs are accredited and renowned because of their quality. In the postgraduate programs we offer specialties, masters degrees, and PhD programs with national and international recognition and prestige.
  • We bring out the best in you: In UAEH you will receive an integral education based on values, and you will benefit from the numerous cultural, athletics, physical education, and recreation programs. Our Educational Model is student-centered.
  • We want you to reach your goals: 97% of our graduates find a job within a year of having completed their studies.
  • We believe in equality: In UAEH gender equality and respect for human rights is a permanent rule in our daily institutional chores.


¡We want you to be the best so that we can continue being the best!

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